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With an average of 266 sunny days each year, it’s no secret our area enjoys a relatively dry and pleasant climate. And while that claim to fame makes San Diego a desirable place to live and popular tourist destination, it also means nearly 80% of San Diego’s water must be imported.

As a result, about half of San Diego’s water comes from the Colorado River, while the other half from a combination of water supplied by the State Water Project, which accesses water from the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. The Water Project may also supplement supply by tapping local surface and ground water sources. 

Since Southern California experiences such little rainfall, local water sources account for only about 20% of what makes it into area homes. This water comes from one of nine water supply reservoirs, the ‘City Lakes,’ operated by the Public Utility Department.

Improve Water Quality With Advanced Water Filtration from San Diego’s Water Experts

Chances are, no matter where you live in or around San Diego, you’ll be drinking and using water that comes from a surface water source like a lake, river, or reservoir. This water has many advantages, but it can also mean additional filtration methods may be needed to purify it for drinkability. Added treatment chemicals can leave water tasting or smelling like chlorine, and even impact the taste of beverages and recipes made with San Diego tap water.

For the small percentage of homes served by groundwater sources around San Diego, users may experience their own issues, as groundwater tends to be harder (containing more dissolved minerals) than surface water. This can manifest around the home in the form of hard water spots and white, chalky residue around fixtures and in appliances. Hard-to-clean water spots and buildup can not only look unpleasant, they can cost your home in added utilities, since appliances can’t use hard water as efficiently as softer, more filtered water.

Additionally, the city of San Diego, like many other municipalities around the country, is dealing with an aging water distribution system which can create contaminant problems of its own. And while the city tests water regularly to meet all drinking water standards, it’s never a bad idea to have your own water tested to learn exactly what may be in it, as well as how you can improve the taste and efficiency of the water in your home.  

Learn more about our filtering solutions for San Diego tap water, and find the resources you need for better, filtered drinking water at home, today. 

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