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Lauren H.
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We have used Culligan San Diego for over 10 years. We rented a softener for 4 years and then purchased a system when we bought our home. We have always had great service! They are friendly and helpful on the phone and quickly send a repair guy when needed (and we’ve only needed a repairman 1 time in 6.5 years of owning our system).

Peter V.
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Product quality is great. Taste is wonderful. No more buying water at the store. No more refilling jugs. No more running tap water through filter devices. I am particularly impressed by the technicians who make the installation quick, safe, and invisible. And when I moved, they were there to move my equipment at no charge.

Dawn C.
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A great company. The communication is on point and prompt. Everything has been so smooth. They send reminders (really helps me) and they do what they say. My favorite water delivery company.


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The Best Water Softeners and Water Filters in Carlsbad.

With this combination of water resources, Carlsbad water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

The CMWD currently imports 82% of its drinking water. The water supply begins hundreds of miles away as snow melt or rainfall that flows into rivers. The two main water sources are the Colorado River, where the water is transported through the Colorado River Aqueduct, and Northern California, that brings the water through the California Aqueduct (also known as the State Water Project).

Residents of Carlsbad may notice problems with hard water, as their average hardness is 228 PPM and 13.3 grains per gallon.

Whether you’re dealing with a stale, chlorinated taste or odor, or looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your home, Culligan of San Diego has a water filtering solution designed for the type of water problems Carlsbad deals with most. Learn more about our filtering solutions for tap water, and find the resources you need to address issues with your drinking water, today.

Looking for more information? Check out Carlsbad’s water quality report here.

Is Carlsbad Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Environmental Working Group detected 15 contaminants in Carlsbad tap water where levels reached above their recommended guidelines. This includes arsenic, bromate, bromoform, chloroform, and more.