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Water Stories To Watch in 2023

As we get settled in the new year, we face a lot of new challenges now than we did just a year ago. Rising inflation, world health, and natural crises are just a few of the challenges we face on a global scale. We are affected by these issues somewhat equally from country to country, and our world water news is nothing different. About 2.3 billion people in the world face water stress, and that number is only increasing.

As we continue to try to make more environmentally friendly choices compared to those made by generations before us, there are more challenges that pile up in front of us as well. Our fresh water is a shared resource that nobody owns. Three percent of the earth’s water is fresh and drinkable, and two-and-a-half percent of it is inaccessible – either locked up in glaciers, polar ice caps, atmosphere, or soil. We’re left with about half a percent of the earth’s water to share, so as we move forward through the new year, we should be aware of the challenges our water faces.

Our Water Risks:

1. Drought

From stateside drought in California and Nevada to internationally affected areas in Ukraine and India, drought is a problem. Crops die and people are left thirsty. Any scenario in which people are unable to reach clean water is a crisis, and drought kills a lot of life every year. In fact, an estimated 55 million people in the world are affected by drought.

2. Pollution

In 2010, 134 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico in what was one of the worst environmental water disasters our world has ever seen. On a much smaller scale, pollution like that occurs in our water today and goes unnoticed. 80 percent of the world’s wastewater is released back into the environment, which perpetuates the cycle of unhealthy water in our ecosystem.

3. Flooding

Monsoons and floods take life just as much as water gives life. Every year more people die from levees breaking, flash floods, tsunamis, and other water events. In Florida between 2000 and 2019 there were 81 hurricanes and tropical storms, which have devastated and killed many in their paths. As many of us live through hurricane seasons without concern, there are others who lose homes, cars, and loved ones to flooding.

This year, let’s strive to keep our world a healthier place, because we only have finite resources, and we can’t let our own interests get in the way. By that same token too, natural disaster is life changing and could potentially affect anyone. At Culligan, we’re leading the way to make sure water is available and accessible for everyone. Clean pure water is always at front of mind for us, and if you’ve been affected by a natural disaster or a water crisis, Culligan is ready to be there for you. We can fill your home with great water through bottled water delivery, or a whole house system. We’re just one call away, so make sure you make the switch today if you’re in need or want better quality water in your life!

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