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Beauty and Skin Care Hacks: The Rise of Rice Water

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s no secret that fresh, simple water forms the basis for any effective skin or beauty care routine, not to mention your overall health. Getting enough water everyday helps ensure your body is not only happy and healthy, but it also helps your skin, hair, and nails look and feel their best.

Another way to amp up the effects water can have for your skin and hair health is to keep and use your rice water as the newest addition to your beauty routine. Here’s why, and how, you can use rice water to — really affordably —take your beauty routine to the next level.

What is Rice Water for Hair and Skin?

Many people have reported using rice water for skin helps reduce eczema, acne, and even reduce the appearance of the stubborn fine lines of aging.

In some Asian cultures, rice water has been used traditionally as a beneficial and cheap beauty product. And it’s just about as simple as it sounds: Next time you make rice at home, keep the water you’ve cooked it in to use as a cleansing face wash or nourishing hair rinse. You can also soak rice (once you’ve rinsed it) in water anywhere between 15 minutes to a half hour, sift out the rice, and keep the rest for the next face wash or shower.

Why the Water Matters

As with most beauty products, the quality of the ingredients counts. Using fresh, filtered water as the basis for your rice water helps make it more effective, and better for your skin.In much the same way that your brewed coffee tastes better with fresh, filtered water, your rice water will have more impact, and last longer, when you use the freshest water possible to start with. Filtered water from Culligan makes this process simple by providing a variety of options for in-home filtration and softening.

How to Use Rice Water For Hair and Skin

Once you’ve made or kept some rice water from your latest dinner, you’re ready to bring it into the bathroom. Make sure to transfer it and keep it in an airtight container — this way your rice water should last as long as a week. (Don’t worry if it starts to smell, as this is a natural part of the fermentation process.)

[pullquote]You can use rice water to wash your face and hair, and doing so regularly can yield some pretty promising results for your hair health (and growth) as well as your skin’s resilience and complexion.[/pullquote] Many people have reported using rice water for skin helps reduce eczema, acne, and even reduce the appearance of the stubborn fine lines of aging.  It’s also claimed that rice water for hair can help improve its shine and strength, and many women credit it with helping grow out their hair quickly.

Ready to try out the rice water for skin or hair for yourself? For the best results, start with fresh, filtered water, like what you’ll get out of a certified Culligan water filtration system. From there, you’ll be on your way to better looking, and feeling, hair and skin with little effort.


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